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Perche Teapot - Blue

Perche Teapot - Blue

Studio M
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By Studio M by Marumitsu Poterie 


A larger size teapot for a relaxing afternoon tea with family/friends.

W155mm, D113mm, H136mm 610ml


About Marumitsu Poterie
Founded in 1950 as a local ceramic wholesaler, Marumitsu Poterie started producing its own quality Japanese made ceramics in 1985 under the original brand Studio M. Each piece is handcrafted by experienced local potters to combine functionality with artisan quality. Studio M is all about the brand’s philosophy of “meals are delightful”, with all pieces featuring a “lovely, thoughtful and warm design” that is perfect for daily use at home.
Sobokai, a sister brand of Studio M in the Marumitsu Poterie family, was originated to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. Pieces in Sobokai focus on combining out-of-ordinary style with durability.