Custom Designs

Designed specifically for your space
Like any other piece of home decor and artwork you buy for your home, a floral arrangement needs to be the right fit for the space. We understand every space is unique and therefore when designing each arrangement we consult in detail with our clients to understand their needs. Details such as colours in the space, placement and ambience are essential to ensure a resulting arrangement that not only makes a statement but “blends in”

Custom Order Process:
  1. Show us a photo of the space the arrangement is for. If you have a vase to use already, we highly recommend bringing this in
  2. Discuss your requirements with us and we’ll come up with some options with you
  3. Once the arrangement is ready, we’ll send some photos to you for approval before arranging pick up/delivery



Please note: there’s currently a long lead time for custom orders with most vase arrangements taking at least 2 weeks to complete